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The Portable “TableToGo” business model was developed to fill a very specific need in the Bar and Restaurant industry.   The table provides bar and restaurant owners with a quick and easy solution to handle high volume occasions without having to rent additional “high top” tables.

Traditionally, owners would rent tables during key holiday periods such as Superbowl, New Year’s Eve, Halloween etc….  The cost of renting tables and table clothes comes at a high cost coupled with the fact that the tables are only available during a specific time period.  All this costs money.  We developed the portable table so it could be easily stored, easily set-up and most importantly, available whenever needed.  WHAT A CONVENIENCE!!!!!

One additional benefit is the ability to decal the table top with your company logo or bar name for the purpose of increasing brand-awareness and avoiding the need for renting expensive table clothes.  Simply up-load your company logo while ordering the table and we will produce and ship the decals separately or choose any logo for production.  Logo’s must be Hi-Res for best results.

The Portable table is made for Commercial use and is ideal for home use occasions and tail-gating.  The table is portable, easily stored and light weight, 20 lbs and comes with a carrying case.   Create your own personalized table top decal to support your favorite team.